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Family Matters

Katy Graves highlights how the practice of family law has changed since she began practicing in the 1980s when family court cases were often lengthy and resolved by court decision. “Family Matters” was published in Best Lawyer Business Edition magazine, summer 2016.

Intricacies of Drafting Qualified Domestic Relations Orders

Kathyrn Graves and Jason Damberg have some insight when it comes to drafting domestic relations orders in a family law article in Minnesota Lawyer™. Read more at Intricacies of Drafting Qualified Domestic Relations Orders.

Relocating with a Child Requirements

The law governing out-of-state relocation of children changed in 2006 with the adoption of Minnesota’s removal statute, replacing the endangerment standard with an eight factor best interest standard and placing the burden of proof on the party seeking to relocate. Read family law attorneys Alan C. Eidsness and Jaime Driggs analysis in “What Type of Hearing […]

How to Treat Negative Equity in Real Estate

Ever since housing prices plummeted, family law attorneys have struggled to determine how to treat real property with negative equity. Does it go on the balance sheet as a negative number or does it get valued at zero? With Middendorf v. Middendorf, the Court of Appeals issued a decision addressing how to treat real property with negative equity, an issue family law attorneys have struggled […]

Adoptive Couple v. Baby Girl

In their article, “Adoptive Couple v. Baby Girl,” family law attorneys Alan C. Eidsness and Jaime Driggs examined the recent United States Supreme Court decision addressing the Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA). The case involved the difficult issues of race, fathers’ rights, adoption placement, and Indian rights. Though it had the potential to provide a meaningful […]

Parenting Consultants: Lessons from the Case Law

Family law attorneys Alan C. Eidsness and Jaime Driggs co-authored “Parenting Consultants: Lessons from the Case Law,” which covers recent court decisions that shed light on the challenging issues raised by the use of parenting consultants. The article is part of a series previously printed in Minnesota Lawyer concerning topics relevant to the area of […]