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Family Law attorney, Jaime Driggs, quoted in Minnesota Lawyer article

November 23, 2016

Court says ‘follow the money’ by Barbara L. Jones, Editor, Minnesota Lawyer  November 17, 2016 Link to full article Excerpt from article The opinion may require attorneys to reconsider what is the proper evidence in their cases. “Assessing income generated from a property award is nothing new but Curtis reveals another dimension to that analysis. […]

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Family Law Article in Minnesota Lawyer by Alan Eidsness and Jaime Driggs

February 4, 2016

Alan Eidsness and Jaime Driggs have some guidance when it comes to the division of property in a family law article in Minnesota Lawyer™ Spousal maintenance is a tough issue for many reasons and the uncertainty surrounding whether tax consequences are considered makes it even more challenging. Read more at Spousal maintenance: when are the […]

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Minnesota Shareholders in a Closely Held Iowa Family Farm Corporation Were Awarded More Than $4.2 Million in a Shareholder Oppression Case

March 18, 2015

Bruce C. Recher, business litigation attorney, represented three Minnesota residents who were minority shareholders in an Iowa family farm corporation and were awarded more than $4.2 million in a cash buyout as “fair value” of their shares by a judge of the Iowa Business Specialty Court. This was the first trial conducted by the Iowa […]

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(VIDEO) David Bradley Olsen Discusses First Amendment Law

February 1, 2015

In a series of short videos, litigation attorney David Bradley Olsen covers a variety of topics in relation to the First Amendment from libel and slander to public figures and defamation. See more on his page.

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