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Clark Opdahl Talks with Jamie Yuccas, CBS News, and Eva Pilgrim, ABC News, about How Prince’s Estate might be Handled if Prince Died Without a Will

April 25, 2016

Clark Opdahl talks with Jamie Yuccas, CBS News, and Eva Pilgrim, ABC News, about how Prince’s estate might be handled according to Minnesota Law if Prince died without a Will. By Jamie Yuccas, CBS News, April 23, 2016 Days after Prince’s death, many questions left unanswered   By Eva Pilgrim, ABC News, April 24, 2016 Prince’s Friends, […]

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Minnesota Shareholders in a Closely Held Iowa Family Farm Corporation Were Awarded More Than $4.2 Million in a Shareholder Oppression Case

March 18, 2015

Bruce C. Recher, business litigation attorney, represented three Minnesota residents who were minority shareholders in an Iowa family farm corporation and were awarded more than $4.2 million in a cash buyout as “fair value” of their shares by a judge of the Iowa Business Specialty Court. This was the first trial conducted by the Iowa […]

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(VIDEO) David Bradley Olsen Discusses First Amendment Law

February 1, 2015

In a series of short videos, litigation attorney David Bradley Olsen covers a variety of topics in relation to the First Amendment from libel and slander to public figures and defamation. See more on his page.

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Recognition for the Successful Representation of Jesse Ventura in 2014 Defamation Case

January 16, 2015

Twin Cities Business magazine’s Lawsuits Of The Year: 2014 included the successful representation of Ventura in a defamation case. Ventura’s legal team was led by David Bradley Olsen and included Court Anderson, John Bisanz, Jr., Benjamin Hamborg, and paralegal Emily Erickson.

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