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The tax attorneys at Minneapolis law firm Henson Efron have worked with many clients through the myriad of issues related to the tax laws of various jurisdictions. Our attorneys are experienced in analyzing and solving complex legal issues with tax implications.

Henson Efron tax lawyers advise clients on both domestic and international taxation and counsel clients that income and wealth are subject to various tax regimes. The various tax regimes include international treaties, federal and national tax laws, state, local and provincial tax laws, and the volumes of rules, regulations, notices, and pronouncements of international, national and subnational tax authorities.

It is prudent business and wise wealth management to consult and engage a professional legal tax advisor when structuring a transaction, analyzing an investment, or contemplating a disposition of valuable property. Our tax attorneys assist clients to improve the outcomes of their economic decisions through proper planning and excellent execution. Explore the links below to learn more about how we can help you.

Tax Services