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Family Matters

Katy Graves highlights how the practice of family law has changed since she began practicing in the 1980s when family court cases were often lengthy and resolved by court decision. “Family Matters” was published in Best Lawyer Business Edition magazine, summer 2016.

Obtaining Mental Health Records When Litigating Custody

The mental health of a party is often at issue when litigating custody or parenting time issues and medical records pertaining to a parent’s mental health can be important evidence. A recent decision from the Court of Appeals calls into question how to go about obtaining a party’s mental health records. Huber v. Vohnoutka, No. […]

Pending Family Law Legislation

The 2015 legislative session is shaping up to be an interesting one for the family law community. Attorneys Alan C. Eidsness and Jaime Driggs cover the possible changes and impacts in Pending Family Law Legislation. “This legislative session is shaping up to be an interesting one for the family law community as several bills have been introduced covering a wide […]

Child Support for Business Owners Following Haefele v. Haefele

The Supreme Court’s decision in Haefele v. Haefele changed the landscape in child support litigation involving owners of closely-held businesses. Before Haefele, disputes in such cases frequently centered on the availability of the owner’s income. The reason for retaining earnings, degree of control, and true cash flow were always topics of inquiry and debate. After Haefele, these considerations still matter, but not with respect to calculating income and […]

Parenting Consultants: Lessons from the Case Law

Family law attorneys Alan C. Eidsness and Jaime Driggs co-authored “Parenting Consultants: Lessons from the Case Law,” which covers recent court decisions that shed light on the challenging issues raised by the use of parenting consultants. The article is part of a series previously printed in Minnesota Lawyer concerning topics relevant to the area of […]